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The following pages present detailed technical, performance and application data essential to accurate specification and ordering. Individual catalog sections are devoted to all major components:

  • Water Columns, Float & Probe
  • Water Gage Valves & Gage Cocks
  • Flat Glass, Prismatic & Bi-Color Gages
  • Safety & Alarm Systems
  • Illuminator & Lighting Accessories
  • Remote Level Indication Systems
All Clark-Reliance water columns and components are designed and manufactured in total compliance with ASME Boiler Code provisions. Of special importance, all steel water columns are welded according to specific ASME code provisions and procedures. Water columns and components such as gages and valves are hydrostatically tested to 150% of design pressure.

Today, Clark-Reliance continues as the foremost name in water column technology and manufacture. Current, advanced products are modern-day versions of columns and trim pioneered by the Reliance Gauge Column Co., America's oldest and most respected exclusive boiler trim manufacturer.


Initial ordering information presented to Clark-Reliance should include specific, basic information essential to delivering the column and trim best suited to your individual application. Your preliminary inquiry will be efficiently handled when the following data, as much as possible, are provided.

  • Maximum Design Pressure
  • Alarm System Desired (Float Or Probe)
  • Size And Type Of Steam/Water Connections
  • Center-To-Center Dimension Between
  • Steam And Water Connections
  • Location and Orientation Of Connections
  • Dimension From Normal Water Level To Water Connection
  • Alarm Variation (Distance Between High And Low Alarm Points)
  • Gage Visibility Range
  • Supply Line Voltage And Frequency
  • Environmental Conditions (Indoor, Outdoor, Hazardous)

The above information will help Clark Reliance engineering and production specialists to develop the water column and trim best suited to meeting your application criteria.

Float Type 
  • Cast Iron Column: 0 - 250 psi
  • Steel Column: 250 To 900 psi

Float type water column models are individually rated at pressures from 0 to 900 PSI. All float type columns are designed to feature the Clark-Reliance audible safety alarm mechanism.

wpe62.jpg (3884 bytes)At designated water levels, floats automatically trigger the alarm. The shrill tone of a brass whistle signals predetermined high or low water levels, acting to within one quarter inch level variations. The action is direct and extraordinarily reliable.

Alarm components sit high in the column, away from corrosive agents and scale. Design simplicity eliminates periodic alarm adjustment and scheduled alarm maintenance. Alarms can respond to water levels high and low, high only, or low only. Additional float actuated electric alarms can be operated at remote locations by installing a Clark-Reliance LEVALARM© accessory. Columns without alarms are available.

Float type columns are available for all types of boilers. Models offer a variety of water gage valve connection centers and a selection of many steam and water centers. All models are products of precision manufacturing standards and employ high quality materials throughout.

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