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Sanitary Flow Indicator Model 7000

Tru-San™ 7000 USDA Dairy Accepted
Large-Area 360° Viewing Of Liquid, Powder And Bulk Solid System Flows.   Contamination-Free.

Jacoby-Tarbox TRU-SAN 7000 Sight Flow Indicators are manufactured specifically for food handling, pharmaceutical and other processing systems where cleanliness and sanitary considerations are paramount.

All TRU-SAN 7000 indicators comply with 3-A Fittings Standards and will provide excellent, clear, and distant viewing of liquids, powders and many bulk solids. These are the industry's first optical cylinder style sight flow indicators to earn the "USDA Dairy Accepted" designation.

These are also the industry's first sight flow indicators to be authorized by the 3A Sanitary Standards Council to affix the 3A logo.

One-Piece, non-welded stainless steel machined heads.

Choice of glass or acrylic viewing cylinder.

Sealing gaskets available in six materials.

Viewing is direct from anywhere within a 360º radius.  Depending on system media and flow rates, viewing from relatively distant locations is possible, as compared with bull's-eye style indicators presented in the Bulletin for TRU-SAN 7000.

Standard & Special Sizes  
Standard sizes (Tubing ODs), are 1", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3" & 4".  For Schedule 5 pipe, requires consulting with factory. (1/2" Size Available in Threaded Bevel or  Tri-Clamp Connections)
Choice of Constructions
Adaptability to virtually any system is assured by a choice of four connections styles: clamp, butt weld, bevel seat, flange.
Choice of Connections       
C-Clamp or Tri-Clamp connections (shown above).  Butt Weld connections.  Bevel Seat connections.  Flange connections.
Quality Construction Materials 
TRU-SAN 7000 indicators are manufactured with all stainless steel metal components.  Stainless steel bodies are finished to 150 grit (32Ra) or better for smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces.
Gaskets to Match Applications    
TRU-SAN 7000 Models feature black Buna gaskets as standard. Other gasket material are available and should be carefully specified to match system temperatures and media.  Other choices: Buna White, EPDM, Viton, PTFE, Silicone & Polyethylene.
Acrylic Viewing Cylinder Glass Viewing Cylinder
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