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Steam Flow Meter

Steam flow meters measure saturated steam in an inexpensive, easy to apply flow meter. The steam service option inlcudes EPR seals, SS bellows and an inverted housing. Steam pressures are limited to 120# saturated unless remote mounted (Option R2).

All meters are available in either threaded (Series 7000) or flanged (Series 8000) connections and in Bronze, Monel or 316SS.

  • Sturdy in-line metal construction to withstand piping stresses without breaking.
  • Black on white dial won't crack, glaze or become hard to read with age.
  • Expanded 3.5" (90mm) 270° analog dial for reading at a glance.
  • Suitable for use with both opaque and clear fluids.
  • Measures 6:1 range with 3% F.S. Accuracy.
  • Dial and case factory configured for quick installation - but easily field re-configured if needed.
  • Liquid flow ranges from 4 GPH (15 l/h) in 1/2" meter to 3000 GPM (1200 l/m) in 8" meter.
  • Gas flow ranges from 40 SCFH (1 Nm3/h) in 1/2" meter to 20,000 SCFM (600 Nm3/m) in 8" meter.


Specifications Standard for Steam Optional
Housing Polycarbonate-UV Stabilized None
Body Bronze Monel - 316SS
Bellows 316SS Monel - Inconel
Seals EPR Viton - Teflon
Crystal Polycarbonate None
Gear Movement Bronze 316SS
Accuracy ± 3% F.S. ± 3% F.S.
Repeatability ± 1% F.S. ± 1% F.S.
Pressure - Maximum 120psig 400psig
Pressure - Minimum 10psig 10psig
Temperature - Maximum 350° F Higher with Option R2
Temperature - Minimum -80° F None

Adapters and 3-way equalizing valve provide extended temperature ranges or remote mount for more convenient viewing. Ask for Option R2

Option W3:  Current Output.  Uses a solid state strain gauge to sense the differential pressure directly. Conditions which could cause the mechanical movement zero to shift will not affect the output from this transmitter.  This transmitter provides improved rangeability at low flow rate and accordingly, does not include a low flow cutoff.  Output is proportional to flow rate squared r².  Square root extraction is required in the receiving device. See Picture of Remote Reading Flowmeter

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