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Tuning Fork, Ultrasonic Gap & Vibrating Rod Level Switches
Jerguson tuning fork, ultrasonic gap, and vibration rod level switches offer unsurpassed reliability in level switch applications for liquids and solids where mechanical linkages and moving parts are not acceptable. Products available with FM, UL, and CSA approvals.
Products Include:
Tuning Fork Single Point Level Switch - Series J200
Direct Load Tuning Fork - Miniature - Series JMSVT
Ultrasonic Gap Liquid Level Switch - Series JMS100
Vibrating Probe Level Switch for Bulk Solid Measurement - Series VL
Float & Displacer Operated Level Switches & Transmitters
Jerguson offers a wide array of mechanical switch and transmitter products to provide reliable level measurement for your application. Our caged level switch products feature a unique, tri-magnet mechanism that offers high current, snap-action switching without the use of cams or springs. Products are available with ASME B31.1/B31.3, FM, UL, CSA, ATEX, & PED approvals.
Products Include:
Micro-Switch Operated Level Switch - Model JMLS
Reed Type Float Operated Level Switch - Model JMRS
Top Mount Displacer Operated - Model JDC
2-Wire Hard Smart Displacer Transmitter - Model JDT
Capacitance Level Switches & Transmitters
Jerguson RF Capacitance level switches are designed for point level alarm or control of conductive and non-conductive liquids, granular materials, foams, pastes, slurries and interface applications. They may be used with any Jerguson insulated or driven shield level sensing probe. When a driven shield probe is used, special shield driven circuitry ignores the effect of conductive material build-up on the level probe surface. Other features include adjustable relay time delay to prevent chattering in turbulent applications and field selectable low or high level failsafe modes of operation.
Products Include:
Integral Ultrasonic Switch (US601)m
Integral Ultrasonic 2 Wire & 3-Wire Transmitter (US603)
Solids Measurement & Control (US600)
Level & Flow Measurement & Controller (US203)
Integral Ultrasonic 2-Wire "Smart" Transmitter (US204)
2-Wire Explosion-Proof Transmitter (MS500)
Single Point Driven Shield (US320)
Single Point Adjustable Switches (US321)
RF Capacitance Level Transmitter (US331)
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