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Jerguson Series J200 Vibrating Tuning Fork

The Jerguson Series J200 is a single point level switch which may be installed in any position in a pipe or vessel to detect the presence of a liquid. 

The Jerguson Series J200 has a tuning fork style probe which vibrates at its natural frequency when in air A piezoelectric crystal­system is used to create a 1100 Hz vibration in the tuning fork. As the tuning fork is covered by a liquid or slurry, a corresponding shift occurs in the vibrating frequency of the tuning fork. This shift is being monitored continuously and once a present threshold is exceeded, the output changes status.

The electronics can be provided with the following options.

  • 24 - 264 Vac, 24 - 60 Vdc SPST output wired in series with a load, IS NAMIUR (Intrinsically safe)
  • 24 - 264 Vac, 24 - 60 Vdc 5 AMP SPDT relay output, 24 - 60 Vdc (3 wire) PNP PLC wiring or, 2 wire 23 - 25 Vdc step change output, 4.5 to 6.5 mA Dry, 15 to 18 mA wet.
  • Field Selectable Time Delay
  • Magnetic Test Point
  • Fully Potted Electronics
  • 1480 Pressure Rating
  • 300 Deg. F Temperature Rating
  • Cl. 1, Div. 1, GRP, A,B,C, & D Version
  • Resistant To Vibration
  • • Fail-Safe Design
  • Hygienic Fittings
Special Features:

The Series 200 includes a status indicating LED which may be viewed through a lens in the NEMA 4X enclosure cover or with the cover removed, on the explosion proof model. The LED will flash approximately once per second when the switch is ."off' and will remain constantly lit when the switch is "on".

The LED gives an indication that the switch is functioning correctly and gives a visual indication of the state of the relay.

A fail-safe switch on the circuit board is provided for the user to select either "make" when dry-the normal condition-or -make" when wet, as would be selected for low level duties.


The fact that this device is vibrating normally when dry makes it ideal for use in high level detection applications.

Model Selection Guide:
Code Connection Wetted Material
J201TD 3/4" NPT 316L-SST
J205TD 1" NPT 316L-SST
J207TD 2" Tri Clover 316L-SST Polished To 0.8 um
  S Standard NEMA 4X, Glass Filled Nylon
  X CL. 1, Div. 1, GRP. A, B, C & D, Cast ALuminum, Epoxy Coated
    Code Switch Output
    0 Direct Load Switching, 500 mA Max Load
    C Intrinsically Safe
    R Relay SPDT 24-260 VAC/24-60 VDC 5 AMP
    T PNP/PLC Low Voltage (3-wire) 24-60 VDC
    W Step Change Output (2-wire) 24 VDC
      Code Extension Lengths Only
      E Extend To Order, Note: 1250 = 12-1/2"
        Code Flange Material
        0 A-105 Carbon Steel
        5 316SST
          Code Flange Size and Class
          1 1-1/2" 150# RF
          2 1-1/2" 300# RF
          3 1-1/2" 600# RF
          4 2" 150# RF
          5 2" 300# RF
          6 2" 600# RF
          7 2-1/2" 150# RF
          8 2-1/2" 300# RF
          9 2-1/2" 600# RF
J205TD S R E0600 5 4 Typical Model Number
Series 200 Brouchure (1.7MB PDF)
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