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Mobrey has manufactured high quality ultrasonic point level equipment for many years and has built up unrivalled expertise in the supply of noncatalog equipment, custom designing systems if the standard product cannot meet the exact application requirements. There are three systems available: industrial, high integrity and failsafe.

Industrial systems The MCU200 control unit provides simple, economical control electronics for mounting on site near the tanks containing the sensor The sensors provide liquid level detection in safe areas and are available in various materials and mechanical designs. Sensors are also available for interface detection.

Wall mounting IP65 polycarbonate enclosure with fault and alarm relays

Connection between sensor and control unit is by up to 50m of dual co axial cable

Operating range from -21 0•C to +250OC and pressures up to 280 bar
High integrity systems Mobrey Electrosensor systems provide a cost effective method of level detection and control where high system integrity coupled with low cost installation is required.
Cabinet or DIN rail mounting control unit
Simple twisted pair cable between sensor and control unit up to 1000m
Safe or hazardous area use

Failure of sensor or cabling will cause an alarm condition and light the fault LED

Additional fault relay with selectable activation on fault condition
Failsafe systems
Designed and developed to provide the ultimate fail safe system, Electropulse electronics can be used with most Mobrey sensors. Head mounted or adjacent electronics communicate with control room electronics by sending a coded signal down simple twisted pair wiring. Electropulse systems are specified in applications where level is of critical importance, such as marine tanker overfilling, chemical plant and nuclear plant.

Cabinet, DIN rail, or rack mounting control units

Simple twisted pair cable between sensor and control unit up to 1500m
Safe or hazardous area use
Any failure of the sensor, electronics or associated wiring causes the system to give alarm and fault outputs

Fitted with test switch to simulate alarm and fault conditions.


Petroleum processing

Chemical processing
Food processing
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic

Nuclear industry

Cryogenic liquids

Low maintenance

Low cost of installation
Choice of systems to suit budget