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Magne-sonics ultrasonic point level systems

Magne-Sonics has been manufacturing high quality ultrasonic point level equipment for many years and has built up considerable expertise in the supply of high reliability, specialist sensing systems, custom designing systems if the standard product will not meet the exact application requirements.

A wide range of standard or custom designed ultrasonic sensors and remote control units is available, for use with a variety of liquids in all applications, ranging from industrial level detection, through self-checking systems, to totally failsafe systems.
No moving parts
Wide range of materials of construction to suit most applications
Extensive custom design expertise
Sensors to suit most liquids
Choice of control electronics
local control box with alarm and fault output relays
Electrosensor self-checking control electronics for control room mounting using 2 wire cabling
Electropulse systems for maximum fail safety and self- checking in critical applications
S system certification
Petroleum processing
Chemical processing
Food processing
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic
Nuclear industry
Cryogenic liquids
Water industry
Interface detection
Low maintenance
Low cost of installation
Radiation resistant design
Choice of systems to suit budget
Magne-SonicsMSP100 Smart level and flow transmitter
The MSP100 Sonapulse is one of a new generation of Smart level transmitters which provides level flow and contents measurement together with digital communication in one self-contained unit.
The MSP100 can be used for many applications from level measurement, inventory control to flow measurement in open channels.
Intrinsically safe
Two wire, loop powered
PTFE faced model available for use over corrosive liquids
Stainless steel faced model for corrosive or CIP applications
Flanged or universal bracket mounting
Digital communication (HART)
Simple twisted pair screened cable gives low cost of installation
Multiplexing capability, saves on cabling costs
4-20mA output proportional to level, contents or flow as chosen by the user, no extra signal processing required
Simple set up using optional programmer
Chemical industry
Storage tanks/tank farms
Process vessels
Water industry
Reservoir level - open channel flow
Power industry
Water treatment plant
Oil & chemical storage vessels
Food & beverage
Edible oil storage vessels
Storage of viscous syrups & liquids
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